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Document Automation with Salesforce

Create and deliver documents effectively with Salesforce Cloud any time you want. The data-driven approach of Salesforce Cloud empowers your business to provide information to customers and the team for the efficient execution of business operations.

Document generation applications require consistency and they need to provide rich formatting options. All of it can be achieved with Salesforce CRM as it supports Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, and Microsoft Power. Salesforce also offers support for different document formats including PDF and HTML emails. Create legal documents, business proposals, sales presentations, pitch decks, contracts, and NDAs to run operations smoothly.

Premium Document Automation through Salesforce

Salesforce offers one-click automation, conditional logic, reusable components, SOQL support, run-time prompts, and REST APIs support. Salesforce Document Automation is extremely easy to use, secure and one of the best cost-effective options in the market.
  • Simpler to Use
  • A more secure environment
  • Enhanced Power
  • A more cost-effective solution

Document Automation - How It Works?

Salesforce can store the documents you upload and let you search for relevant words from them as part of the data extraction process, or it can automatically create documents from other tasks by using action plan templates.
  • You can upload PDF, JPG, or PNG files to Health Cloud and then extract the data on any page with Einstein Form Reader.
  • Keep the Document Checklist Item-related list in the Received Document layout so that users can see the documents they’ve transformed.
  • Every time a user uploads an image file and manipulates the uploaded file, an associated A Received Document record is created.
  • The file’s name is what the user has decided to name it when they upload it.
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