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The system did not allow a digital expansion facilitating various languages and regions.


The User Interface required massive improvement.


Order Management System (OMS) in use was not centralized and was a hindrance to the merchant’s fulfillment operations.


Sales Operators were not able to place orders for the visiting customers.


No centralized database for customer data so the records were being stored manually.


Manual processing was affecting the whole system, decreasing sales and increasing cost


  • Salesforce localization to help the Cartier to cover different regions by supporting multiple locales. The localization helped them to reach more customers and create a better system.
  • Provided better UI design and integrated Fluent OMS to streamline the fulfillment process. Our engineers designed an improved system to help agents increase in-store sales with flexible payment options.
  • Designed a 360-degree customer-centric system for better data sync between all the systems. Utilized Salesforce performance-oriented approaches to enhance the response time


Driving Considerable Business Transformation

Aiva Creative has helped retail clients achieve phenomenal success by modernizing and streamlining the e-commerce experience. We’ve delivered unified commerce solutions that transform global operations and simplify the shopping process; improving product availability and increasing customer satisfaction.

We’ve implemented seamless replatforms that deliver considerable value to multiple markets, while being completed in concise timeframes. Our clients experience significant increases in average order value, transaction volume, revenue and, crucially, customer loyalty.

Client Success

When it came to executing our digital vision and trying to bring that to life with the same vision and authenticity that we’ve been able to execute our physical retail – that presented a big challenge. eWave brings a unique perspective on how to dial up a digital experience for a consumer. Digital is no longer a threat to our retail business, it’s a really important pillar of strength.

Mark Teperson Chief Digital Officer Accent Group

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