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Your very own Resource Center

At Aiva Creative, we offer an offshore development center to provide you with international talent and development infrastructure. We can also assist you in building a call center team and the resources will be dedicated to your business. Offshore talent will not only improve your business but would also help you cut operation cost in today’s difficult economic situation for businesses all around the globe.

Our team will create custom software solutions keeping in view your requirements. To help you grow your business. We want to partner with organizations and businesses from different industries to offer them cost-effective software solutions.

The Features of the Resource Centre

When you choose Aiva Creative, here are some of the features that attract you to our Dedicate Resource Centre.

Dedicated Work Environment

Our service-oriented approach is centered around your projects.

Talented Team

As a team, we are well-versed in various technology stacks and have a wide range of development experience to meet your unique business requirements.

Flexible Model

With this flexible model, you can easily adjust the team size and get additional resources as needed.

Cost Effectiveness

Arrange an appointment at a cost that fits your budget.

Customer-Centric Environment

A trusted relationship with our clients.

Time Efficiency

A commitment to meeting deadlines and a faster development process.


Some people have access to our nation's infrastructure and technical experts.


A mobile app is a series of solutions for you to use and alter to suit your needs with Salesforce.


An org is a single instance of An org has very clear security and sharing settings.

Some Advantages of the Offshore Resource Centre Consulting Services

The Aiva Creative Dedicated Resource Centre is a dedicated team of skilled experts that will provide you with excellent infrastructure and support services; it is more like an extension of your company. Our resources work with your onshore teams. Some of the core benefits include:
  • With several years of experience at our disposal, all you need to do is let us know what you’re looking for.
  • Resources can be added or removed as needed
  • Concentrate on what you do best
  • More beneficial costs in comparison to recruiting clients from your own country.
  • Granted dedicated resources for your project
  • Low cost compared to outsourcing
  • Your work will be done by highly skilled and talented professionals

Control level within the organization

Aiva Creative’s strategic model of a dedicated resource center gives you control over ever-changing software requirements, research & development, quality assurance, deployment, maintenance, support, and other complex requirements.
  • Information security for company and patents
  • Data loss prevention
  • Consistent, unhindered communication with shore-side staff.
  • An auditable daily work report
  • The implementation of different work-related policies.

Aiva Creative as a Dedicated Resource Centre?

Collaborating with our off-shore team will keep your budget from breaking, which is good because you’ll get your work done quicker, and with much less of a headache, if you allow us to do all the hard work. This may be a question for you.

The Dedicated Resource Model

The point of our specialized and dedicated business resource model is its unmatched flexibility. Whenever the needs of our clients change, we react before anything is delivered. When you come to The One Technologies, you’ll find competitive pricing with dedicated resources, no hidden costs, and zero overhead.

Hiring Full-Time

For certain projects, it is a wise idea to bring in expert resources on a full-time basis and allow for complete control of the process.

Hiring part-time employees

As the name implies, you can hire a small team of dedicated developers for small projects in the part-time hiring model.

Contracted hourly work

Feel free to hire us for as many hours as you like! It may cost more, but small business people have time as an issue, and you don't have to wait for weeks before receiving a project report from our experts.

Fixed salary

This approach is best suited to people who have a clearly structured method for meeting requirements, describing the scope of a project, discussing deliverables, and defining what acceptance looks like for this project.

A skilled team

Our resources have significant project development experience and can be hired monthly for projects of any size.

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