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Redesigning Enterprise Applications

Empower your enterprise with Salesforce

Utilize Salesforce Application Architecture to reform enterprise-level applications to improve customer service, marketing, and analytics. Build custom applications for your business from scratch with immense Salesforce support to facilitate your customers and churn more profit.

Aiva Creative caters your Salesforce needs

At Aiva Creative, we are dreamers, believers, and we have practically transformed businesses and applications over the years with expertise in Salesforce. We offer custom application solutions with efficient architecture to help you scale your business and data flow models. Our certified Salesforce application architects will be in touch with you to create applications designed for your business.


The Basic Essentials of Salesforce Architecture and Design

Using the following parts, the application architecture can be designed and customized


There is basically a configuration that specifies server details for a specific Salesforce organization on which it resides.


A mobile app is a series of solutions for you to use and alter to suit your needs with Salesforce.


An org is a single instance of An org has very clear security and sharing settings.


Every time a sandbox is created, Salesforce copies metadata from your production organization to the sandbox organization, thus multiplying your production organization into different environments.


Superpod is a combination of various components, including proxy servers, system and capacity foundations, mail servers, and many other framework structures for various different needs.

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